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    If you are planning your perfect wedding or saving memories with a family photo, A.W.Pixel Photography will give you the right picture to make the moment last forever.

    A.W.Pixel Photography is different. We do not have a studio because we bring the camera to you and we think it is better to photograph you in your natural environment. Of course we can accommodate with a staged studio, but we are setup to be mobile. We will give you the photos that you own and if you want us to delivery you printed photos or albums, we provide that as an added-value with no markup. Photos of your perfect day should not cost you a fortune.

    A.W.Pixel specializes in Event Photography, Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Landscapes, and Corporate Photos in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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Underwater Photo Project

I have been obsessed with shooting people under water for a least two years now.  So I researched off and on a way to shoot people under water. I found an economical way by using a housing by “ewa marine”. I looked up famous photographers that used this method. For example “Rafal Makiela” launched his … Continue reading


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